Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kimchi Pancake

Tea over at Tea & Cookies has done a couple of posts about shortcut foods, which has gotten me thinking about what I throw together when I'm short on time, but not so desperate as to go straight to my emergency meal.  While I don't really have an answer for that yet, my sister cooked me dinner last night, and I think it could become my new shortcut food.

I was second-guessing posting this, because I neither came up with the idea nor actually cooked it myself.  (I helped though, kind of.  I sat there and read directions out loud while drinking cava - that's helping, right?  Oh, and I poached the eggs - that definitely counts as helping.)  However, I decided it's so good, and easy, and adaptable, that it was worth posting about, and I don't think my sister will mind.

She made kimchi pancakes, adapted from this recipe from Bap Story.  They came together pretty quickly, and happily accepted the addition of some chopped, sauteed zucchini and corn kernels cut off the cobs in addition to the standard kimchi.  Megan served them over rice and with a poached egg on top, and then with some siracha, because almost everything is better with hot sauce.  I'm eating it again today for lunch, except without the egg.

I think these would happily accept almost any mix of vegetables in withe kimchi, which helps make it a happy, clean out the crisper drawer kind of meal.  Just make sure whatever vegetables you're using are either pre-cooked (like sauteed zucchini) or don't need much cooking time (like corn kernels) since these come together pretty quickly and don't spend a lot of time in the pan.

Kimchi Pancakes, adapted from Bap Story:
serves 1, very scalable

1/2 cup pancake mix of flour
1 cup chopped vegetables (kimchi, sauteed zucchini, corn kernels, etc)
1/2 cup icy cold water

Chop up your vegetables into bite-sized pieces.  Put your vegetables, flour, and water in a bowl and mix well.  Heat some cooking oil in a small skillet over medium-high heat.  Once hot put a scoop of pancake mix onto the pan and spread out into a flat, round shape.  Once the bottom is crisp, flip it over.  Cook until the other side is also crisp.  Drain on a paper towel and serve, either alone or over rice and with a poached or fried egg.

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