Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MS MR - Hurricane

Another new song, courtesy of 94/7 fm Nation perks, Slice of New Music Heaven.  The band is called MS MR, and their album "Secondhand Rapture" comes out May 14th, although their EP from last year is the source of "Hurricane."

Described by Pitchfork as "the shadowy New York City MS MR take a little of the "Video Games" (Lana Del Rey) singer's drama, and pair it with Polica's gritty side, along with a stroke of All Saints poutiness."  Full disclosure, their original video (not below, but what you'll find if you search for it) gives me a headache, with the mass of constantly flickering images, and their official video below is weird.  However, go ahead and grab the audio from the 94/7 website, since it's no longer available in exchange for your email at MS MR's site.

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