Friday, January 4, 2013

Afternoon Tea & some resolutions

I spent New Years Day at Afternoon Tea at the Heathman Hotel here in Portland, and I highly recommend it.  It was the perfect venue for making inappropriate jokes and mocking first world problems.  It was also delicious and a wonderful way to catch up with good friends.  The best examples both came from Gahlya: "My monogram came out wrong." and "These dollar bills are too crumpled, and I have too many.  They're making my wallet too fat."

I hope 2013 is treating all of you well so far, with jokes to keep you laughing.  I think it's going to be a big year, this one, with my best friend having a baby and then business school in the fall.  In preparation, here are my resolutions, with the hope that writing them out here might actually make me more likely to fulfill them.

  1. Figure out what I want (both big and small things) and don't be afraid to ask for it (aka remember I am the main event in my own life).
  2. Go to bed earlier (stolen from Megan).
  3. Be more intentional about how I spend money.
  4. Own less crap (stolen from Mighty Girl).
  5. Get more outfit posts up on this here blog.

Do you guys have any good resolutions I should steal?

Picture from Megan's instagram.

1 comment:

  1. Among several of mine: Stop comparing. I feel it's quite easy with Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. to get wrapped up in what other people have or are doing. Remember that you are the best version of yourself and that you add so much to this world! I will try to remind myself of this often.


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