Monday, May 6, 2013

Avocado Toast

I couldn't quite believe I hadn't posted this previously, because it's such a standby breakfast or snack for me, but I guess not.  I've been making this for years, I think originally inspired by my friend's then boyfriend's younger sister, but then I felt justified and oh so smart when The Wednesday Chef posted her version.

My sister and I also made this pasta for dinner last night with our friend Kristi, and it was delicious as always, but I didn't manage to grab a picture.  It's perfect if you have some over-ripe or about to go bad tomatoes lying around, and so easy and simple and delicious.

This is the perfect mix of crunchy, salty, fatty, piquant, and creamy.  It's also super adaptable.  The Wednesday Chef has more of a recipe, but she uses a couple of bowls, which I think are entirely unnecessary.

Avocado Toast

Toast a piece of bread.  (I like mine quite crisp.) Spread with dijon mustard.  Scoop out half an avocado and smash on top.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Notes: You can also add some mayonnaise or cream cheese along with the mustard, if you want a more creamy and filling snack.  You can squeeze some lemon juice on top if you have it handy, for added freshness.  If I'm eating this for lunch, I'll use the whole avocado on two pieces of toast.  I haven't tried adding sriracha, but I bet it would be delicious.  I usually use sourdough, since that's what I mostly have lying around, and it is delicious, but I think almost any kind of bread would be good.

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