Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Cooking

As I'm recovering from knee surgery, I haven't been doing much cooking, namely none.  Thank goodness for my sister.  Portland regularly has Indian summers, and the rain just started on Friday, so it finally feels like fall.  Inspired by a recent post on Tea & Cookies, I thought I'd share what I'm looking forward to cooking this fall.

I think fall is the perfect time for big one pot meals or braises.  It's nice to let all the flavors slump together during the low temperature, long cooking times.

My sister made a big pot of chili last week, with lots of vegetables, and then chicken and dumplings last night for our weekly Sunday family dinner.

As previously documented, I think grits go well with everything.  They're great under any kind of vegetable saute and help make a bunch of vegetables into dinner.  I'm excited to eat grits with onions, kale, tomatoes, and fall vegetables.

I love this take on tomato soup from Orangette, Tomato Soup with Red Onion and Cilantro Stems.  It always seems like such a waste to toss cilantro stems, and this soup makes good use of them.  It's also a nice break from creamy tomato soups.

Once brussels sprouts are back in season, I can't wait to make this pasta, also from Orangette, Pasta with Hashed Brussel Sprouts and Pine Nuts.  It's fast and easy, and so so delicious.  Or these brussels sprouts from Smitten Kitchen, Dijon-Braised Brussels Sprouts.

Speaking of ugly, unloved vegetables, this Savoy Cabbage Gratin, is delicious.  I've made it with a bunch of different cheeses depending on what I could find at the store, and every single time it's good.

Finally, this fall I need to make a couple batches of pumpkin bread, recipe to come.  I adapted it from this recipe, and added the cinnamon sugar crust from this banana bread recipe, and it kills every time.  I get asked for this recipe more than any other.

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