Monday, October 1, 2012

Peach Birthday Pie

My sister and I baked three peach pies with the help of our lovely friend Kristi for my dad's birthday celebration last week.  While we made a huge mess of the kitchen in the process and the pie crusts kind of slumped off the edges of the pie pans in the oven, they were pretty tasty.  They got rave reviews at the dinner itself, so much so that my dad's friend Bobby at two more pieces straight from pie plate to hand to mouth while we were cleaning up, and Megan's co-workers went after the leftover third pie the next day.

We used this recipe for simple peach pie (times three), although we followed Smitten Kitchen's instructions to blanch and peel the peaches first.  And Megan made Dorie Greenspan's double pie crust recipe, which can be found here, (times three).  This pie crust is delicious, people.  Like so good Megan said she would eat it in cookie form.  It did kind of slump on us, but I don't think anyone minded.

Instagram picture by Megan.

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