Monday, December 24, 2012

Style Spotlight: Miranda Kerr

While I'm sure she also wears some very nice clothes on red carpets for fancy events, I have always been most impressed by Miranda Kerr's street style looks.  While she's still wearing very expensive clothing, I think her street style looks can more easily be interpreted by non-celebrities, like me.  While I will never have her legs, figure, or clothing budget, there are still some style take-aways from many of her looks.

I love the simplicity of this look, with an over-sized blouse and skinny tuxedo pants.  She almost always has on a great pair of sunglasses and is carrying a great bag, good inspiration for paying attention to even the little details in an outfit.

{In A.L.C. and Equipment in New York via People}

While leather shorts are certainly a little risky, I think it's best to keep the rest of look simple, as here, with just pumps, a white tee, and shades, or as in the look below, with tights and gray and chambray layers on top.

{In Paris for the Dior Spring 2012 fashion show via RCFA}

Also, I just love these miu miu cat-eye sunglasses.  While real leather can be super expensive, there are some vegan leather or faux leather option out there that are more affordable, like these or these.  There are lots of affordable chambray shirt options at Target, J. Crew Factory, and Old Navy which make for great layering pieces.

{In Isabel Marant in New York via RCFA}

That same idea of wearing one statement piece and pairing it with good basics can be seen in the look below, with that beautiful Balenciaga skirt with basic but not boring black accessories.

{In Balenciaga in New York via Tom and Lorenzo}

Finally, in the three looks below from Thanksgiving weekend, you can see the trend hold true: great sunglasses, purse, and shoes, with basics that have some interest to them, whether piping or sheer sleeves on a shirt, a flared skirt, or skinny pants.

{In New York over Thanksgiving weekend via RCFA}

While viewing others' street style can sometimes creates a desire for more shopping, I think it can also be a helpful way to re-think some of the pieces that you might already have in your own closet.

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