Monday, December 31, 2012

Fashion Inspiration - Winter layering

I've been trying (I said trying) to do less shopping, which inherently means re-working items already in my closet.  Luckily, there have been some great examples of re-purposing more springlike items for the winter through aggressive layering.  It all got started with this image of Keira Knightley at LAX wearing a big sweater and jacket over a flowy skirt with tights and ankle boots.  I only wish I looked this good when traveling.

{Keira Knightly at LAX, via TomandLorenzo}

I love how the proportions work, and are effectively opposite from those above, with this shrunken fisherman's sweater over a tea-length skirt.

{Mary Kate Steinmiller, via The Sartorialist}

I have been accruing a chambray shirt collection, and so have been on the look-out for more ways to wear them.  I like this idea of layering a button-down under a sleeveless dress in order to wear it in the winter.

{Treat Your Shifts Like Overalls, via Refinery29}

And finally, I've been recently inspired by winter whites.  Now to just work up the courage that I'm not going to spill all over.

{Winter Whites, via This Time Tomorrow}

{Winter Whites, via The Sartorialist}

{Winter Whites, via NYMag}

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