Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let's get this started

I feel like I've been thinking about doing this for so long, and the time has finally come.

I was quite reticent at first, because how self-important must I be to think that anyone cares what I think about clothes or food or music or travel? (Because I'm not really a fan of self-important people.) But I want to start writing about the things I'm interested in, and this seemed like the best (read: only available) venue in which to do so.

And I really have no expectation of any readership, so that takes me a peg down on the self-important scale, right?

So here's what I'm doing, or going to be trying to do:
This is my space to write about the things that are currently inspiring me, whether they are fashion, food, travel, or music-related. A place to catalog that really great outfit I put together from individually unassuming pieces, or the cake that everyone loved at the most recent dinner party, or where I've just been, or that really great band that I wish I had heard of way earlier. My hope is that it can become a resource, probably just for me, of all my favorite things, while at the same time getting me to be more mindful when getting dressed in the morning or planning meals for the week.

I've been feeling for the last year or so that I need better creative outlets in my life, so hopefully this can be that, with a smidgen of accountability thrown in there too. I plan to post once or twice a week, because that feels manageable, and now that I've said it here, maybe I can keep it up. Although having my mother announce in the Christmas newsletter that I was going to run a marathon or hike Kilimanjaro didn't make either of those things actually happen, so we'll see.

And there it is! We're off!

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