Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Lumineers - Ho Hey

While perhaps sheepish to admit this, I am totally loving the new show Hart of Dixie. It's totally absurd but has a good sense of its own absurdity.

It makes fun of itself, by having characters call each other out for thir most ridiculous wardrobe choices, like Rachel Bilson's vast wardrobe of formal shorts and Jaime King dressing like she just stepped out of the 1950's.

Also, The Fug Girls have been writing highly entertaining recaps.

Finally, they played an awesome song (Ho Hey) on the episode this week by a band I hadn't heard of before, The Lumineers, out of Denver, CO. (And generally the music on the show is pretty good.) The Lumineers have their first self-titled album coming out in March 2012, but until then, they have a Daytrotter session, and here's the song from Hart of Dixie:

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